ideal for sensitive skin

Mineral Cosmetics Back is ideal for sensitive skin because it uses small ingredients and avoids stimulants such as bismuth oxychloride, talc, colorants and mineral oils. All Afterglow products are fragrant, except for Natural Lip Gloss, which contains the "natural flavor" of organic and organic vanilla figs.

We are proud to be ...

-Organic. We use certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

-Ideal for sensitive skin and bodies. We avoid ingredients (even natural ones!) That are comforting. Our formulas are gluten free too!

-Natural. We focus on creating a highly effective, natural product that is available without a complete ingredient list that is still used by some cosmetic companies.

Full disclosure. We disclose all the ingredients in every product we sell. Since the FDA allows companies to hide and not record actual ingredients in items listed as "aroma," "flavors," and any ingredient that is less than 1% of the total formula, you don't know what to use. With Afterglow you will always know!

-Without bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth oxychloride is a common ingredient in many cosmetic products. It makes many women itch and sprout. We never add this ingredient to our makeup.

-Free of paraben. All of our products are paraben free.

-We only use chemical grade chemicals to ensure the cleanest product is possible.

Our three Mille Milled formulas ensure that our powders are very smooth and that the color is evenly distributed and evenly distributed so that it is well covered in color.

-Ingredients of gut. Our Lip Love lipstick is packed with moisturizing oils to nourish your lips.

Easy to use. Swipe quickly with your brush and sweep

Apart from sensitive skin, Afterglow is suitable for many skin conditions. If you suffer from:

Rosacea and eczema: Radiance minerals are calming and soothing sufferers of rosacea and eczema. Many mineral cosmetics improve skin conditions due to bismuth oxychloride. Afterglow does not contain this ingredient and is always the best option for women with skin problems.

Learn more about what to use and what to avoid with rosacea

Learn more about the skin condition of rosacea

Check out our latest product reviews on the carefreebeauty blog.

Our “How Toxic” blog was created to help raise awareness of toxic makeup and skincare products and to encourage people to get used to looking at the ingredients in their products.

And another great article on WebMD with Afterglow on the birth of a chemical, "Lowdown in Mineral Makeup"

Allergies: Exposure to chemicals, perfumes, synthetic substances and other allergenic ingredients excludes Afterglow, ideal for people with cosmetic allergies. Make sure to do a "Patch Test". While we make our products particularly gentle and back our product with a 30-day money back guarantee, we always recommend that you request a sample first and then do a patch test to make sure our products will work for you. Click here for more details on patch testing.

Tips for allergic patients:

Renew cosmetics regularly: Dispose of old cosmetics that may be damaged, stale or contaminated for use. Lipsticks, glosses, foundations, powders, blushes, and bronzers need to be renewed every six months to a year. Eye makeup should be renewed every six to eight months. Ensuring you have fresh and clean eye products is very important due to the delicate nature of the eye.

Opening Date: We recommend that you use a permanent marker or paint marker to mark your makeup and the date it was opened. This is an easy way to know when to change your old makeup for a new one.

Keep it clean: Wash cosmetic brushes frequently. Cosmetic brushes can easily trap bacteria, germs, and dirt by falling on the floor, touching the dirty surface, or handling dirty hands. We suggest that you clean your cosmetic brushes and sponges at least

Go free! All Afterglow products are 100% free.

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