5 SEO tips to do right now 2020

5 SEO tips to do right now 2020
5 SEO tips to do right now 2020

Rapid Growth Group’s (RGG) creative director Jonathon Scanes says search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your business to show on the first page of the ‘organic’ results of Google and other search engines.

As an incubator, RGG part-owns more than 20 businesses globally, and its portfolio includes a combination of startups and businesses ranging from community marketplaces like Use Our Place, which connects people with available event spaces, to RGG’s own projects such as Role Model Club – an agency that facilitates the connection between brands and social influencers.

“Essentially your website is a plant, and SEO is the watering, pruning and so on – if you don’t keep it up, the plant dies,” says Scanes.

1. Take your first steps

“The first place to start is by optimising your website with the most basic requirements for proper search engine indexing,” says Scanes. “This includes working on meta tags, well-formed HTML, relevant keywords and new content posted regularly.”

2. Do keyword research

“Deciding on what keywords to use is an important part of SEO,” says Scanes. “More importantly, use keywords that are relevant to the page because search engines will often penalise your website for having keywords that are not relevant to the actual content.”

For example, if your pages have dynamic content, then it is important to dynamically extract keywords from that content.

“As an example on Use Our Place, it is important that a user can Google ‘wedding venues in Byron’ and Use Our Place listings show up as results. This is achieved by extracting certain specifics from our listings.”

3. Market your website with backlinks

“One way you can optimise your page for SEO is something called ‘backlinking’ or ‘inbound links’,” says Scanes.

“This is when a site with a strong ranking links back to your site which increases your own ranking. For example, this article will actually be really helpful for Use Our Place’s SEO because this website is trusted by Google,” says Scanes.

4. Embrace mobile

As of Google’s last update, your website needs to be optimised for mobile or your site risks being penalised, says Scanes. Therefore you need to make this a priority, and if you need help Google has a tool to test if a webpage is mobile-friendly.

5. Be suspicious of the ‘quick fix’ offer

“In the early stages a big part of entrepreneurship is becoming decent at as many things as possible so you understand how everything works. Outside of that, focus on starting off by just getting the basics right; meta tags, good content and relevant keywords.”

Source : https://sites.google.com/site/seoredja/home

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