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Today I have brought for you the link and review of the free story book for kids in PDF format. So let's get started.

Children's Stories With A Moral

This story is about an elderly man who lived with his dog and his cat on the beach. Her dog was very cute but the cat was a little bad! The dog helped the old man without any reward, the cat helped him only when he gave him a fish! He makes a living by fishing from the sea. But the dog warned him that the cat was too bad, and told him to throw him out of the house. When the old man's house caught fire, the cat did not help him! He threw the cat into the sea and stayed with his dog. As the days passed they could not find enough fish to eat. They spent time hungry on an empty stomach.

A bird tells him that the old man points to the cat and loses faith in what is good! The old man realized that the cat was fine too and it depended on us! The dog saw the hungry cat and barked at him. The old man divided the last piece of fish into three parts and brought back his good fortune to Mars!
Remember, everything is good and bad, it depends on how we do it!

"Mother": Mother is a fairy tale for children. The kids will love the interesting plots of the story.

A king lost his wife when the queen gave birth to his daughter. The princess grew up with a lot of love and care from her father. He wanted to play on the beach with his friends, but his father was limited.

Meanwhile, two angels in heaven were fond of each other. They were called pink and purple. Violet found it too boring to play with the pink and she begged God to be another partner. But God refused to offer because it would cause problems. The little princess fell ill and she went to heaven to play. Pink befriends him and plays with him, which makes Violet so angry. The king was worried about his daughter's health! The story continues and the princess regains her health and returns to her country. Pink and violet who can't forget the princess get a boon from God and the princess is reborn on earth as two babies!

Let's Be Friends Again

Sibling fights, tantra and subsequent bonding are the main themes of this story.

The story is told by a boy and he shares his experiences with his sisters. Boy and girl play together. They spend most of their leisure time together. Just like every sibling, they often fight and then bond.

The boy finds some problems with his sister. The boy sometimes sits down for his sister and she hurts him! However, he was a good listener and the boy told some great stories. The boy refused to share his toys with her. Still, the smart girl occupied all of her brother's toys. The unrest started when the girl was playing with her brother's pet turtle!

The girl thought that the pet tortoise's tank was too small for the tortoise. He takes it to the pond and gives it to the pond for free.

The boy was angry at the loss of his pet turtle. He showed his anger in different ways. She yelled at him. He dropped the toy and started thinking about his turtle. Her parents supported her sister. He planned to avenge the loss of his pet and imagined many things. (It’s definitely a fun part that everyone will die laughing at).

He could not sleep for hours thinking of pets. Then he saw his sister playing in the garden so happily as never before. The boy was surprised and very angry to see his sister happy.

He decided! What was that?

Let us become friends again, loving brothers and sisters, their beautiful fights, rivalries, etc. are beautifully described. This happens very commonly in every home. The pictures in the ebook are beautiful and make it more colorful and interesting. The ebook is scripted with a few words and makes it easy to read.

Sibling competition happens! Now, if you fight with your brother or sister, no matter what or if anyone is to blame, just forgive and forget. Life will be colorful!

A Cool Kid Like Me

A Cool Kid Like Me is the experience of a little boy who looked very cool on the outside and was terrified on the inside. The ebook describes the boy's strange and hidden feelings of loneliness!

The boy told the story, feeling so lonely but acting so great in a polite way outside! There was a cold boy and a terrible boy, who was cold outside, terrible inside.

The boy was very calm and he treated his family and friends so normally. However, he had general fears, odd feelings, grief, etc. His mother and father were very busy and believed that he was very cold. The boy spent most of his time playing with toys. He did not explain his fears or sorrows to his parents because they were too busy to listen. But his grandmother understood him very well. He shared everything with her and she comforted him.

One day his grandmother gave him a teddy as a holiday! Her mom and dad made fun of Teddy because she didn't have kids to play with! However, Teddy becomes her best friend and it replaces her lost companionship with Grandma.

Her mother snatched the teddy from her, but she recovered it! He developed a love and friendship for Teddy.

She expresses her feelings and emotions with her teddy. Teddy listened to everything and comforted her in her difficult times. Slowly he became a quiet boy inside with Teddy. She is happy to welcome her grandmother from the holidays!

Teddies are people's best friends, regardless of age or gender.

This is a good moral story for children as well as parents. It is important to spend quality time with children to fully understand themselves, what they think, how they feel, and what they need! Providing material comfort is not enough to raise a happy cool baby, but it does happen when special time is allocated.

Ebook has beautiful pictures to express the boy's emotions!

Bad Bad Bunny Trouble

Ralph, the infamous football Bonnie is an angry, naughty and loving rabbit! He got into trouble at his sister’s birthday party, but became a hero to save his family and friends! Here you have a summary of the story.

Ralph is a football lover! He loved to play football at all times. One day he was playing football and it was his sister’s birthday. His mother told him to stop playing with the ball and get ready for the party. However, Ralph did not want to leave to play soccer. He scolded his mother as soon as he got bored with his game! He watches his sister prepare a birthday cake and a coffee cake. Ralph looked very bad because he couldn’t play and spent too much time getting ready for the party.

He attended the party when his sister Lisa started cutting the cake. Angry Ralph started his tantra and wanted to get a piece of coffee cake. His mother made coffee cakes for the elderly and told him it was not for the kids. The angry Ralph cracks the cake and destroys it completely as he cannot eat it. Since it was a crowded party, Ralph's mother told him to go to a store room attic upstairs.

The attic had all the decorative elements from eggs to colors! It's a messy house! Ralph heard a strange sound and looked down through a gap in the attic. He saw a group of wild foxes trying to destroy his family and guests. The house was locked and the fox was trying to break it.

Ralph used attic elements from fox to his family and all the guests and of course protected his ability to play football. Now, everyone cherishes Ralph as the savior and the founder of the best football!

How did Ralph save them and the fox escaped? Read Ralph's fun and smart tricks to get rid of foxes.

The ebook contains beautifully illustrated pictures, which tell the story well. Since it’s like a heroic story, it’s certainly lovable. But remember not to behave as badly as Ralph at his sister’s birthday party!

All Types of Aircraft

We have access to colorful books with interesting pictures to educate children about different elements. Color pictures from colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, and vehicles help kids quickly identify, detect, and learn things. An easy way to educate your child about different types of aircraft.

Fun to learn! All kinds of aircraft e-books enable an easy and fun learning. The short e-book for kids contains important types of aircraft with all kinds of brief information.

Can you name a few types of aircraft? The e-book briefs on what is the aircraft, type of aircraft, purpose and other important information like air plane, helicopter, jet etc. The book is full of pictures and a few words.

Although the available information may appear in very small amounts, it is still basic information that children should learn and be familiar with.

First of all, it’s about the aircraft of the aircraft! Why the wings of an airplane? How do airplanes of different sizes fly in the air? The second is about a glider. What is a glider key, how does it look and fly, etc. about the helicopter. Can you tell the difference between the basic methods of an aero plane, a helicopter and a glider? You must learn it here!

Do you think hot air balloons are a kind of aircraft? Yes, really. Learn how a hot air balloon floats up and down in the air. Hot air balloons are different from parachutes and airships!

Then about the airship, they are like balloons. Many people do not know what airship is! These are no longer widely used, but a few airships are still operating.

Other types of aircraft include military aircraft, aerobatic aircraft, agricultural aircraft, air ambulances, firefighters, etc. The images are real and so clear that children can understand the physical differences between different types of aircraft.

Now, after learning about all these planes, tell us which is your favorite plane and which plane do you want to fly?

My guess is, most kids would love to fly in a hot air balloon as it is available in tune form! Comment below about your favorite aircraft.

A Record Year For Rainfall

A Record Year For Rainfall- This colorful e-book contains beautiful illustrations depicting intelligent fantasies about what happens in the world, a new record about rain at important places in the world during the rainy season for a year!

Do you enjoy the rain? Yes, of course, most people and almost all kids will enjoy it! How long can you enjoy it? Two days of rain? Rain for a week? It is not possible to enjoy more than one or two days of rain. Have you ever wondered what happens if it rains continuously for a year? It will be just water everywhere, no buildings, no roads, no vehicles, no trains, no plants, no animals and so on!

This ebook has the answer! What on earth happens when it rains? Let us take a brief look at the contents of the ebook.

Marked as the record year of world rainfall, it never rained! The City of New York and the Statue of Liberty are submerged and need some sunshine to warm them up! Due to this heavy rainfall, Seattle had a great opportunity for local seafarers to explore different places because it had water everywhere. (It's funny and ridiculous)

And many historically important places became very important with a different perspective. For example, the Grand Canyon turned into a beach after this record rain! China's Great Wall has become the attraction of the water! Spring flowers bloom everywhere. And ebooks give briefings about such interesting places from different parts of the world.

Initially, readers may not understand the genre in this ebook. To readers, this book is not a story book for kids. This is certainly not the case for children under 8 years of age. It is important to understand the history, various interesting places, attractions of the world, etc. Knowledge about different places like Paris, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, China Great Wall of China etc. It is better to realize the real concept of ebook.

However, this makes it a ridiculous lesson for older kids. You can ask your child to get some interesting ideas or fantasies like this ebook! Above all, creativity and imagination.

Hide And Seek

Patrick, Artie and Kevin are best friends. They created the main characters in the popular series e-books for kids. These e-books feature very simple story lines, including simple sketches. In fact, some minor incidents in ebooks are explained in a simple way.

A favorite game to hide and seek. The winner will be hidden from the eyes of the catchers! Let's see what this e-book has to say about Hide and Seek!

Patrick was missing. Did you find him? Yes, where was Patrick? He was hiding behind the table. He was preparing for something there. You know what

He is training for the National Hide and Seek Championship. He is ready for the tournament.

Tournament begins! Guess who is Patrick's first contestant? There was nothing but Kevin!

He was hiding behind something. Can you find him?

Now, the second contestant is Patrick's best friend. He was Artie! He was hiding somewhere. Can you find him?

Did you get him right? And here is the last contestant. Patrick!

Where was Patrick? Did you find Patrick? Where did Patrick go? We couldn't find him anywhere! He hid in a best place that no one could find. Guess the winner must be Patrick. And Patrick was the winner.

This is a very beautiful story and the picture is very simple instead of a simple story, which happens every day! Beautiful images with contrasting shades in the background look interesting and appealing to kids. In addition to the illustrated pictures, the ebook also contains colorful pictures.

The content is constructed in a narrative way so that the reader is asked questions. When kids read this they will feel like they are having a conversation with the storyteller. Don't miss reading these simple ebooks for kids.

It's Amma's Birthday Tomorrow

It’s Emma’s birthday tomorrow is a beautiful story that tells the journey of a sweet girl named Nikini. The next day when he found out that his mother's birthday was coming, he started a journey to find the best birthday gift to show his love to his mother. The story ends with a beautiful note that the mother has nothing more valuable than her child.

Nikini learns from her father that she bought a gift for her mother. Nikini loved her mother so much and made her wish to give her the best gift. They lived in a house near the forest.

After her dad and mom go to sleep, she is thinking and thinking about the gift she wanted to surprise her mom. She lost her sleep!

Burning in the fire, Nikini was worried and asked why she was feeling so bad. He told Ural about his desire to find the best gift for his mother. Begin hunting for gifts in the Nikini and Fire Forest. Since Nikini felt that her mother's love for her was greater than the ocean and the sky, she wanted the greatest gift.

They met a blue bird in the middle of the forest and explained why he was there. The blue bird told him his beautiful flower should be given as a gift! Nikini was not satisfied.

Now, Mayna joins him and they meet a rabbit. The rabbit asked him to give him pearls and jewels. Nikini was not satisfied that she made a necklace using moon and craft ear drops with the stars, it would not be close to the love that her mother showed her.

They saw a cobb and he gave her an idea to weave the most beautiful saree in the world for her mother. Nikini was happy. All her friends helped the spider to weave the beautiful sari. They hold flowers to add more design, abstract colors from flowers to give different shades and drops of dew on the saree to add sparkle! And the beautiful sari of the world was ready for Nikini! Unfortunately, the sari has been torn to pieces due to the wind!

Was Nikini able to give her mother a gift? What was his gift to his mother?

The unconditional love of a mother is amazingly expressed in this e-book! A mother's love is far greater than the ocean and the sky. What gives your mom the best gift? The clothes? Flowers? Jewelry? Perfume? Nothing! The images add emotion and liveliness to the emuq. Each of us loves Nikini and we love our mother as much as Nikini.

Now tell me, what gift would you give to your mother?

A Fish With a Wish

A fish with a wish is a wish story that kept him from freedom from the fish tank.

A man bought a fish from a shop for his daughter's birthday. The fish was kept in a small tank. The fish was not very happy with the house he had. He kept complaining to himself that the fish tank was small and there was not enough space to enjoy. There were no toys, no fun animals or pebbles to play with. Not too clean to enjoy the water! The fish had a hard time surviving.

The fish was literally crying and longing for freedom! He saw a beautiful bright light shining on him. And it was a pretty tiny star. The fish told her story to the stars and hoped it would be great to survive somewhere else. The fish expressed a desire to explore the ocean and live without any limits of the sea. The star took pity on the fish and told him that he would donate his wishes but he could ask for the wish at once.

The fish tells him to make a huge whale! The happy whale searched the sea but the fishermen in the boat noticed. They tried to catch the whale. But the frightened whale called Tara and asked him to make a bird.

The happy bird flew over the hills and trains and enjoyed life. However, the bird was very small as it was targeted by predators. The fishes told the star to transform him into a bear and various animals. The fish can be happy and safe in any form and can return to its old form. The star was completely annoyed with the fish's behavior and warned that he had only one last wish and that he should stick to it.

Unsatisfied with the final aspiration, the fish had no choice but to change its appearance or return to normal life. Thinking about the fish, he saw a beautiful girl coming in a wheelchair. They both became good friends.

The star returned to give the fish its final wish. What was that? Read the ebook!

The font size is too small and not somewhat appealing. Large clear fonts make the book comfortable to read. Other than that, it’s a great read for kids.

Now, tell me, if you grant a wish, what do you want?

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

When it comes to fairy tales and fantasy stories for kids, there are plenty of options, almost unlimited options available to read and enjoy! Popular fairy tales of the past were exceptional. There are many amazing stories for 18th and 19th century children. Oz Wonderful Wizard is a classic story from the past that is available in e-book format for kids.

This story is about a little girl’s fantasy and magical journey. He embarks on an adventurous journey and makes some new friends; Enjoy his life in the world of imagination.

Dorothy is the youngest daughter raised by her uncle and aunt. She was happy for only one reason, her pet dog. The girl and her pet dog were caught in a whirlwind and chased away from their home. His adventurous journey began.

He went to a wonderful place where the Munkkins lived. Munchkins were fully grown people but they were small and appeared in the shape of a girl. Simply, they were dwarfs. Dorothy helped free them from slavery and Munchkins offered her a magical shoe. A magical journey began and the rest were very brave. Dorothy received many magical gifts and explored the journey to reach her home. Was he able to return to the country? What happened to her pet dog? Read the story.

The first edition of the book was published about 114 years ago in 1900! The story is still interesting and fascinating. About 10,000 copies of the book were sold after the first copy was published. The book has sold more than 30 million copies so far. Don’t miss this free copy of this fantasy fairy tale available now as an e-book for kids. Read it online or download it to your convenient device.

This is actually a great novel for kids and may not be suitable for kids under 8+. However, this e-book can be used as a bedtime story for kids 5+ years old, with two or three pages per night

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